Economic and Social Investment in Port Angeles

Kate will advocate for a local economy that supports improved public infrastructure, vibrant neighborhoods that feature safe walking and biking, and a healthy community core. Kate supports the city’s commitment to infrastructure improvements, including street and alley repairs, harbor cleanup, and waterfront beautification.



Affordable Housing and Job Opportunities

As housing and utility costs continue to rise, Kate believes the city needs to find ways to increase access to affordable housing, living wage jobs, and support for local entrepreneurs. Kate will advocate for policies that encourage smart growth and safeguard our city’s families, middle-income earners, and seniors.


Increased Communication and Engagement

Kate believes the city can do better with their outward communication. If elected she will look at our local policy and laws regarding communication in order to build a more connected relationship with community members and strengthen their capacity to take part in public decision making. We can increase transparency and trust in city government by improving communication between the city council, the advisory committees, and the community.


Creating New Opportunities for Our Youth

Kate is eager to work with people in the community who are empowering young people to be socially and civically engaged in all aspects of Port Angeles.