We Choose Kate

For the past six months, a dedicated crew has been working behind the scenes to support Kate Dexter in her run for City Council. We chose to jump on board as a team because we want forward movement for our city, better communication and engagement of community members, a place that feels right for our families- both economically and socially, and a council that more closely reflects the demographics of our city.

We are working professionals, business owners, parents with children ranging in age from preschool to college, and community volunteers who give our energy each day to the various causes we are passionate about.

Collectively our community engagement includes: volunteering with local non-profits like the YMCA, North Olympic Land Trust, Healthy Families, TAFY, the Arts Council, 4H, and the Peninsula Trails Coalition. Among us are board members for the Farmer’s Market, the Library, and North Olympic Healthcare Network. We are also PTO and local elementary school volunteers, youth group leaders, soccer coaches, and local recreation and education advocates.

As a campaign team we’ve had the opportunity to share this breadth of community knowledge and insight with Kate as she formulates her ideas and understanding about the needs of our community.

Over the past month as we have joined Kate in knocking on our neighbors’ doors, it has become abundantly clear that folks want to be engaged but many don’t know how to connect with the information they need to feel informed.  At each door we’ve asked the question, “What are your concerns or hopes for the city?”

What we hear reflected in the wide range of responses is that many people care about this community but feel left behind.

We are excited that Kate is running on a platform of engagement and that she has the community development expertise to connect the dots between the budget, city policy, and the needs of everyday people.  As engaged members of our community we know that many more doors open when we collaborate, reach out for expertise where needed, and ask those around us to take part.

As a collective we also know that working in partnership with others makes progress that much easier and we are confident that Kate has the ability to help our city generate new community connections.

Finally, we are ardent supporters of the notion that any growth or development in our community needs to reflect smart economics, sound environmental choices, and social benefit for all local residents. Kate has the know-how and temperament to help our community thrive and we are proud to support her.

We hope she will have your vote!

The Campaign Committee to Elect Kate Dexter

Catharine Copass, Sadie Crowe, Kim Sager-Fradkin, Christine Loewe, Sue Mayo, Judith Morris, Clea Rome, Carrie Sanford, Iris Sutcliffe, Meggan Uecker, Betsy Wharton and Melissa Williams


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